Hi! I'm Gaby. I created We Are Girls for bad ass babes who want to create a positive impact through fierce feminist fashion!

The seed was planted when I was about 18 years old.. after downing WKD's in the local con club I was in the loo chatting away with my pals. You know the vibe...

One of the girls was feeling a bit down on herself and started comparing herself to the other girls.. drunk me was devastated by this. So after a quiet pep talk, I encouraged everyone in the girls toilets to hold hands and stand in a circle and we chanted at the top of our lungs "WE ARE GIRLS", super cringe I know... But we all trotted back onto the dance floor feeling FIERCE!!

After that night, turning the chant into a clothing label was something I dreamt about day to day. I finally decided to go for it in August 2019!

We Are Girls is here to disrupt the fast fashion industry & smash the patriarchy. Everything We Are Girls does is for the girls!

I upcycle authentic vintage denim jackets that would otherwise go to landfill, and work with a small local business who embroiders them for me with badass feminist slogans. The same local business embroiders and prints on our T-Shirts, Sweaters & Accessories. Which all happen to be 100% organic cotton, climate neutral and soft AF.


This is where the magic happens, from dreaming up designs to packing your orders in fabulously pink & biodegradable packaging.

To help my ideas come to life, I work with freelance graphic designers who are as obsessed with female empowerment as I am and I've just hired my first intern, who is helping me with an exciting collection due to drop in 2021.

When you order from We Are Girls, first of all I do a little happy dance!


Then I get on with the process of preparing your order for dispatch. To support our mission of sustainability and to cut back on waste, most of your goodies are made to order! I get in touch with my local manufacturer and let them know what I need. It's only a short walk from my studio, so once it's ready, I trot down the road and pick up your orders ready to pack and post! This process takes around 14 working days!

My dream is to have We Are Girls stocked in independent stores around the UK who share my passion for feminism!



Lancashire Women is an awesome charity supporting and empowering women in Lancashire to transform their lives!

A percentage of our profits are donated to Lancashire Women to support their mission!

For International Women's Day 2020 we collaborated with Art Project 'Sisterhood Is Really Good' on an event to raise money for Lancashire Women. 

Heard about our sister business?

Let me introduce her...

Good Business is a platform for female founders, freelancers and dreamers!

We support female led businesses in their growth by delivering expert knowledge, community and empowerment!

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