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Fondle Your Funbags - Breast Cancer Awareness

A few of you might be aware that my good pal Lyndsay has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. You probably are aware because I haven't shut up about how amazing she is and how proud I am of her!

But the main reason I want to share all this with you is because so many women and men for that matter, still aren't checking themselves. But to be honest, before all this, I never really checked myself either. It just wasn't on my mind that often, I've never known someone with cancer before and I had no idea where to start! So when Lyndsay was diagnosed, one of the first things I did was google how to check and I was baffled by what I found, first I came across a shed load of infographics, all very different, but all sharing a very minimal amount of information. After having a bit of a fondle, I still didn't feel like I really knew what I was looking for. So I took to youtube and found an amazing video by Channel Mum. I couldn't believe how uneducated I was, we probably all are. You have to check your collar bones??!! Who knew ey! 1 in 2 of us will get cancer, we should know what to look out for. Please watch this video and give your boobs a proper check!

I wanted to also talk about Lyndsay's actual journey so far, a lot of people have asked me how she knew to go to the doctors. She found a lump in her armpit and went to the doctors straight away, they told her it was nothing to worry about because she was only 29, but they would check anyway. A short while afterwards she was told she has cancer. What really bugged me about this, is that if a doctor can be so ignorant to presume a persons age would signify whether or not they have cancer, then how are we, the general public who are completely uneducated about cancer, supposed to take it seriously? Since Lyndsay's diagnosis I have seen and heard about so many other very young women who are fighting against it. But these young women aren't the people in the media, on the leaflets at the doctors or being reminded to check. The over 50's have mammograms and are reminded to check regularly. I'm not suggesting that they should lower the age for mammograms but surely when we pop to the doctors for our other ailments, they could simply remind us that we should be checking?

Lyndsay is raising awareness for breast cancer through her Facebook group and Instagram page and she is doing a bloody good job! She roped me in to shaving her hair off after it starting falling out on her 30th birthday (sorry Lynds, i've outed your age). When she asked me to do it I imagined us both sobbing and rolling around on the floor in pools of her hair. What actually happened was quite the opposite. I love this video because it shows just how strong she really is, you can see me feeding off her positive energy. After this video we went Facebook Live, so if you follow her group you can give that a watch!

So please, I beg you to check your boobs and see your doctor if you find something you are unsure of.

Gaby x

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