VTech Kidizoom Review

The joys of shopping for your children, be it a birthday or Christmas. Unless their interests have drastically evolved since the last celebration, it can be painstakingly tough. 4 years into parenting and I was fresh out of ideas.

Let’s go back to Frankie’s 3rd birthday. He was SO into superheroes. It was easy. His Dad and I just waltzed straight into The Disney Store knowing exactly what we were after. Done. Christmas came less than a month later and seen as the superheroes had been such a hit we just got more. Great success.

At the end of 2018, his 4th birthday was approaching but he was still just as into superheroes and not much else. We were completely stuck. When your kid hits 4 years old you sort of want to delve into educational toys, but still want it to be fun and exciting for them. We did a lot of research about Kindles and IPad’s but decided we didn’t want to encourage more screen time. We stumbled across the VTech Kidizoom on Amazon and decided to go for it.

What I love about the Kidizoom is that it’s more than just a camera. It offers a mix of screen time and exploration. The camera has several games, Frankie loves ‘Busy Traffic’ and playing this has helped his motor skills and understanding of technology. The camera also encourages Frankie to explore outside. He loves bringing his camera along on walks and taking pictures of the interesting things he finds, then looking through them and talking about everything we saw. He also enjoys making videos and adding stamps and effects to them.

The camera is light enough for him to carry whilst still feeling robust. It’s shockproof so can handle a bit of knocking about. It’s easy to use, Frankie was taking photos within minutes of opening it. It runs off AA batteries and comes with 8MB of storage, but if you want to take more pictures I would recommend buying a bigger memory card. You can switch between two lenses so it’s perfect for taking selfies, a feature that Frankie loves.

If your'e stumped on what to get your kid as a gift, I couldn't recommend the Vtech Kidizoom more!

Disclaimer - This is not an ad and the product was bought with my own money. However, this review contains affiliate links where I may earn a small percentage of anything bought through the links.

Gaby x

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