What Feminism Means to Debbie

Debbie is a freelance fashion designer and founder of Loian, an independent womenswear brand where £5 of each sale is donated to The Red Box Project for period poverty.

You can find Debbie here and her business here

"I was raised by a single mum, she is the mum who dances away at family parties to Tina Turner and Shania Twain, so I have always had a strong female role model, but I would say being a feminist came with age. As I went through my twenties you grow more as a person with each turning year of the sun, you experience more, open your eyes more and have the belief in yourself to want to be heard even more whilst also knowing yourself more. Now I am in my early thirties and a mum to a 10-month-old daughter, I am more of Feminist than ever before, yet I cannot truly define what a feminist is.

Feminism to me is not just one thing, as females we get put into boxes too often when were a multitude of things all at once. It’s being able to have thoughts, feelings, and a voice to speak on those things, It’s having the courage to do all of this for another person, without giving it a second thought. I think it’s even things I cannot think of as we all have our own take on what being a feminist means to everyone, yet we can all relate in some way.

Feminism can be passing another person in the street, admiring what they may be wearing and telling them how great they look! Being a cheerleader for others in their achievements and joining in with frustrations you may share about things you want to change. Believing in yourself that you can be part of that change for now and the future, however big or small that change might be.

I’m a womenswear designer, I love to create pieces to empower women and make them feel even better about them self when they wear it- be it a simple tee or a wedding dress, I want to empower that inner Queen B we all have within us, but sometimes you’ve got to dig deep to find it or someone has to help you along the way. Lifting each other up in any way to me is a show of feminism I think we can all achieve.

At 33 I know myself quite well now and I know my worth and those around me and I value what matters so maybe that’s what being a feminist is for me, As Maria Grazia Chiuri says… We should all be Feminists"

I would love to hear about what feminism means to you, if you would like to contribute to this discussion as a guest blogger please contact by email at gaby@we-are-girls.co.uk

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