What Feminism Means to Gaby Mendes

Another Gaby, but this time with a much cooler last name! Gaby is a blogger, Liverpool's Influential Blogger of the Year 2019 actually!! Her blog tackles all the hurdles you might come across in your 20's from career to just having fun!

"What feminism means to me.  “She’s very bossy” I’d hear my Year 4 teacher say to my mum, thinking I wasn’t in ear shot “She likes to telling other people what to do”. I’m the eldest of 4 siblings and growing up I spent a lot of time helping my mum look after my younger brothers and sister. I didn’t quite understand that my leadership skills that were so necessary at home weren’t always welcomed in school. But boys in my class taking leadership on the football field? Well, that was cause for celebration. In secondary school I started to become more self reflective and more reserved. I started focussing energies on the arts, particularly school productions, as this was where my leadership and creative eye was well received. But in day to day lessons my enthusiasm was often stung with the words ‘Stop talking please Gaby’ or ‘Gaby’s attitude to learning is fantastic but she could do with giving her other classmates an opportunity’. Moving on to university I studied a course that was largely populated by women, and this was when I felt my ambition began to shine. I have always loved the idea of surrounding yourself with a strong group of women, and this is exactly what I did do. Now, after leaving university, I continue to surround myself with strong women who support one another and inevitably make me feel more passionate about my own ambitions.  Feminism to me, means that every young girl can be whatever she wants to be without having to feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed. I felt all of those things growing up. I cared about my appearance far too much and worried what other people thought of me, two things that were often out of my control. To me, feminism is freedom, freedom to be whoever you want to be and freedom to be a woman.  Cheers to being ‘bossy’!"

I would love to hear about what feminism means to you, if you would like to contribute to this discussion as a guest blogger please contact by email at gaby@we-are-girls.co.uk

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