What Feminism Means to Stacey

Stacey is a lifestyle blogger and positivity coach. Her blog, Attempting Life After 30, shares her own life and the problems and joys you might come across in your 30's.

"I wouldn’t be lying if I said that Feminism isn’t in the forefront of my mind, I would never class myself as a feminist .. not that I specifically tell people I’m not a feminist just that some values I have seemed to go against what I thought being a feminist was all about.

I suppose I’ve never really knew the full extent of whatfeminism really is … so when I started to write this post I had to Google it.. (YES I love google, it’s my longest standing relationship tbh) because I just need someone to clarify what truly was Feminism, here is what I thought I would find:

We always pay for half of our dinner on dates.

Slap and scorn any man who dares open a door for us.

Wear power suits .. every day!

And flat shoes !!! they are a must.

Yell at any man who dares give you a compliment.

Make sure you have the best possible career ever.

Children? maybe when your 50 .. and don’t ever let it get in the way of work.

Judge any woman who stays at home and JUST looks after her family.


What I actually found was.

“The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes “

I’d always assumed that as I sought a man that was a gentleman in my life with old school values, who opened the door, walked near the road and brought me flowers, that I can’t be a feminist!

I always thought because I love to care and my ideal would be cooking a meal for my man at the end of the day and wanting to clean the home for my family, I couldn’t be a feminist.

Because I like to wear heels and dresses I couldn’t possibly be a feminist.

When I valued balance between home and life over getting ahead in my career .. I should never say I’m a feminist.

Bur after reading that one small statement I realised I truly am …. I’m all about equality, I think that every woman should be,do and have whatever she wishes to in life.

I myself am a single parent and totally killing it … MY CHOICE!!

I took redundancy from my job and started my own business so I can stay at home more… MY CHOICE!!

I love to clean (something about a shiny tap that is so satisfying) … MY CHOICE.

I dress up every day and its . MY CHOICE!!

To me feminism is all about equality of choice. I choose who .. I choose when (Vivian in Pretty Woman had it all figured out)

Whether you choose to stay at home or go for that career, whether you choose to have kids or you don’t, even if you choose to get married or love the single life forever……

it should never be determined by what’s between your legs.


I would love to hear about what feminism means to you, if you would like to contribute to this discussion as a guest blogger please contact by email at gaby@we-are-girls.co.uk

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